Hitting litter for six!

Last weekend SNCC hosted an Under 9s and 10s festival as well a number of other junior and senior matches. I left Hackney Marshes a proud man, seeing dozens and dozens of young boys and girls enjoying cricket on this fabulous green space. That sense of pride was further heightened by the stream of parents from other clubs commenting on the club’s fabulous facilities.

For those new to the club, it’s probably impossible to imagine that when we moved to the Marshes less than ten years ago bringing cricket back to the Hackney Marshes, you had to risk life and limb in an WWII era East German-style building passing itself off as changing rooms, a ramshackle car park, no nets and very dicey pitches.

At the risk of getting all Monty Python, you’re lucky!

Gentle intro over…

We need your help to ensure that the Marshes lives up to its new-found billing as the home of East London cricket. That means leaving it as you find it. In recent weeks vigilant parents have been collecting bags and bags of rubbish from on and around the cricket pitches. SNCC players and parents are not responsible for all of it. Let’s not kid ourselves that we’re not responsible for some of it and let’s set an example.

Here are some tips:

  • If possible, provide your child with a reusable water bottle – and remind them to take it home.

  • Anyone buying drinks and food from the café – dispose of all cups, bottles and wrappers in the bin provided.

  • It is windy at the Marshes so keep hold of our cups etc.

  • At the end of your child’s match/training session please pick up all litter. All rubbish bags can be left in the Pavilion foyer for the Council to take away.

  • Rubbish bags will be available at the Pavilion reception – please take one with you to the match/training pitch and perhaps tie it to the red wheelie bin?

  • Don’t put your rubbish (especially food waste!) in the red wheelie bins – it’s absolutely horrible to have to remove this later on…

  • Please pass the message on to visiting teams!

Together we can hit rubbish for six!

SNCC - SNCC logo at Marshes.jpg