A new pavilion, new nets, new website – a new era?

It’s just about 20 years now since a group of keen cricketing dads, unable to find a club to teach their young sons this great game, got together and formed Stoke Newington Club.  You’ll spot one of those founding fathers, Simon Hore, still playing an active part in the adult teams.  It’s easy to forget that even as recently as ten years ago SNCC had no outdoor pitches of its own, making do with training on an uncut strip of grass at Clissold Park.

Now, at the very end of 2018, we can look ahead to our first summer with our own pitches, pavilion and practice nets – the envy of our North London rivals who for years have bemoaned the shoddy facilities of their poor East London cousins.

The new facilities are fabulous, and we are hoping to make even better use of the pavilion over the coming summers.  But bricks and mortar aren’t what make a great cricket club.  We’ve been lucky over the last 20 years to find a steady stream of willing and dedicated volunteers to step forward and coach or manage teams and drive young players to matches all over the capital. Others have helped oversee the welfare of our juniors, or have umpired, scored, baked cakes, distributed club kit, organised annual awards ceremonies,  designed and built our bespoke storage room (?!) in the pavilion - or created this terrific new website.

The club cannot function without the contribution of all of these volunteers.  We are in the process of bolstering our club committee and roster of people prepared to do their bit for the club, however small.  Everyone who is a member of the club or a parent of a member will know Duncan and the monumental part he plays in ensuring SNCC functions and functions well.

In case you didn’t know, we’re lucky enough to boast 275 juniors.  In the winter of 2018 our teams won a national indoor title and three County indoor titles.  And last summer, our U15s and U17s were County runners-up and our U10s were County semi-finalists.  SNCC also has eight boys and two girls training this winter with Middlesex County Age Group Squads, including a trialist for the England Lions Disability Squad.  We need help to continue this growth in numbers and success on the pitch.

Ask not what your cricket club can do for you - ask what you can do for your cricket club!  If you have something to offer this fantastic club, please do get in touch, either with Duncan (at duncanandliz@btinternet.com) or me, the club secretary (at tomsgtanner@gmail.com).

We hope you can join us in building a partnership for the next 20 years of SNCC.

Tom Tanner

Club Secretary

Cricketers wanted for SNCC’s Senior teams – all welcome!

London’s fastest growing cricket club is looking for new recruits to its Senior squad. Stoke Newington Cricket Club, formed in 1999, now fields four adult teams (as well as U21 & U19 sides and 14 junior teams!) so there’ll be plenty of cricket for everyone next summer, whether you’re looking to play high-level league cricket or recreational friendlies. 

We play at the legendary Hackney Marshes which, as well as being the centre of Sunday League football, is the hub for cricket in East London. We have a fantastic new pavilion, some of the best wickets in the city and the only outdoor nets in Hackney (with four net lanes!). 

Our 1st and 2nd XIs play in Division 1 of the Middlesex Championship. Our 3rds are in the Middlesex 1987 League and we’ll also have a Sunday team playing friendlies. With our 1sts being promoted three times in the last four seasons years and our 2nds having been promoted two years running, we are East London’s most dynamic cricket club and we are aiming for promotion to the Middlesex County Leagues within the next three years.

Indoor training for our Senior squad takes place on Monday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm at Bridge Academy (Laburnum St, E2 8BA), starting on Monday 7 January. The sessions will be led by SNCC's Director of Cricket, Gordon Summerfield - a professional level 3 coach who also coaches County Junior Squads at the Middlesex Academy. 

If you’re interested in joining London’s fastest-growing cricket club, please get in touch via the club website or by email (at sncc@btinternet.com) or contact 1st XI captain, Scott Doody (07739 393 462).

Confessions Of A Cricket Dad

Despite the fact that I’m pretty much 100% Englishman and had a provincial lower middle-class upbringing, I reached my personal half century without ever being the least bit troubled by an interest in the game of cricket. I remember once loitering aimlessly around the periphery of a school match as a teenager and being spontaneously roped into padding up and taking part by a desperate teacher short of players. My heartfelt plea that I barely knew how to hold the bat fell on deaf ears and I dutifully walked to the crease where I was clean bowled with the first delivery. Thus my playing career began and ended. I became one of those woefully uninformed bigots who thought that watching a test match must surely be some kind of masochistic endurance exercise.

This all changed unexpectedly in one of those random and unpredictable ways a couple of years ago when my son Elliott, then six, discovered cricket entirely off his own bat (pun intended) and promptly fell in love with it. As parents will, I gently encouraged his nascent passion, which was fuelled by endless hours on YouTube watching legendary Ashes moments, bowling tutorials and compilations of “Shane Warne’s greatest leg-spin deliveries OF ALL TIME”. It was all a mystery to me, but Elliott’s enthusiasm was infectious. Shortly thereafter I discovered to my delight and surprise that right on our London doorstep was an incredibly vibrant, friendly, first-class cricket club called Stoke Newington C.C. For Elliott it was a match made in heaven.

Since then I have become a full-time cricket dad and in the process have developed an appreciation and genuine love for a sport that I spent the preceding fifty years barely noticing. I have learnt that beyond its notoriously impenetrable rules and infamously arcane terminology lies a wonderful game requiring a unique breadth of disparate abilities, incredible specialist skills and intense mental focus; a game full of subtlety and exquisite nuances, often with the mathematical and tactical complexity of chess, punctuated by moments of individual genius and explosive athleticism. There is no more fascinating team sport on earth. 

Being a parent inevitably involves passing on a few of your passions to your offspring, whether intentionally or not. One of life’s small joys is that occassionally it works the other way around. – Ben Smith