It's nip and tuck at the Marshes!

Sunday 8 May 2011:  SNCC U10s - 69 for 4 vs Finchley U10s - 54 for 5.  Won by 15 runs (friendly).

A great catch by Ben Johnson in the penultimate over of the match calmed the shredded nerves of the Stokey faithful as a tense contest reached its denouement.

A youthful, but very talented, Finchley side had kept Stokey's batsmen on a tight leash with a mixture of swing, spin and assorted yorkers.  Only Dillon Singh was able to strike out with confidence as the last pair lifted the total to a much-needed 69.

Steady batting and aggressive running between the wickets had brought Finchley to within 18 runs of their target with four overs left and the last batsmen at the crease.  But the Stokey spinners kept their nerve at the death, with three maidens and a wicket, to leave the brave visitors 15 runs short with both teams applauded from the field.