Save Sport on Hackney Marshes - an update

Here are links to the latest coverage of the club's campaign to Save Sport on Hackney Marshes:

Article in the Evening Standard on Friday 8 March

Article in the Hackney Gazette on Thursday 14 March

Article in the Hackney Post on Friday 15 March

Feature on BBC London News on Saturday 16 March


What can you do to help? 

1.   Twitter campaign 

We have begun a Twitter campaign - #savesportonthemarshes - please follow us at @StokeyCricket and retweet the campaign to your followers.  Please tell everyone you know to follow us and keep up the pressure on the Council.  Twitter is also the fastest way we can circulate updates and details of all the latest developments (as well as pitch-side match updates in the summer!). 

2.  Online Petition 

The campaign group, Save Lea Marshes, has organised an online petition -click here for a link.  Please sign up to this petition as soon as possible and encourage all your friends and contacts to do the same. 

3.  Consultation Questionnaire 

The Council have asked local residents and other interested parties to submit their views by completing the following consultation questionnaire. 

Please take the time to let the Council know what you think! 

4.  Drop-in meeting at the Hackney Marshes Centre on Wednesday 17 April from 4pm to 8pm 

The Council are also canvassing opinion at a drop-in meeting at the Hackney Marshes Centre on 17 April from 4pm to 8pm.  Please put this date in your diary. 

If you have any campaigning skills, carry any political clout, are a planning expert or believe you can help us in any way, please do get in touch.