Attention all scorers!

We've been asked to pass this news on to all scorers in at Stokey and to anyone who may be interested in becoming a scorer. 

ECB ACO Scorers Initiative 

The ECB ACO is offering, until 31 March 2012 only, the chance to become a recognised ECB ACO scorer and credit you with a relevant Scorers’ Award; Level 1, 1A, 2 or 3.  This will not involve any courses or exams, simply a verification of the standard that you are currently scoring at. 

This is offered free to all ECB ACO members and if you are not an ECB ACO member then a charge of £30 will be made which will include your first year’s FREE ACO MEMBERSHIP! 

MCB ACO Level 1 Scorers Course 

Middlesex will be running a Level 1 Scoring Course in February/March 2012.  The exact dates and venue have yet to be confirmed, but the course is two days, over two weekends. 

Introduction to Scoring 

For those who don’t wish to score on a regular basis, but often get passed the scorebook, an Introduction to Scoring course (2-4hrs) may make the task a little less daunting.  If there is sufficient interest, Middlesex would be happy to hold courses prior to the commencement of the 2012 season.

More information about ACO Education, Courses and Levels can be found at

If any of this sparks your interest, please get in touch with any of the club coaches or officers or send an email via the Contact Us section of this website.